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💓Unique Formula to Reduce Cortisol

💧Deep Cleansing and Nourishing

🔥Strengthens Hair and Reduces Hair Loss

🌿Non-Irritating, Suitable for All Hair Types

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Regular price $33.99
Regular price $33.99 Sale price $73.99
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  • Treating Scalp IssuesDandruff and DrynessScalp Inflammation and Itching:
  • Promoting Hair HealthPreventing Hair LossStrengthening Hair Roots
  • Beauty CareImproving Hair TextureNatural Shine Enhancement

【Product Benefits】

1. Unique Formula to Reduce Cortisol

NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO uses natural plant extracts such as nettle, lavender, and tea tree oil, effectively lowering cortisol levels, reducing scalp stress, and soothing tension.

2. Deep Cleansing and Nourishing

Enriched with coconut oil and olive oil, the gentle cleansing ingredients penetrate hair follicles, removing excess oil and dirt while nourishing the scalp to keep it healthy.

3. Strengthens Hair and Reduces Hair Loss

Nettle and coconut oil components help strengthen hair roots, reducing hair loss caused by stress and restoring strong, healthy hair.

4. Non-Irritating, Suitable for All Hair Types

Silicone-free and non-irritating formula, suitable for all hair types, including sensitive scalps. Safe to use, protecting scalp health.


Nettle, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender, tea tree oil

Nettle has been used as an herbal remedy since ancient times, treating various health issues. It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, K, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, offering multiple benefits for skin and hair. In traditional cultures of Europe and Asia, nettle is employed for scalp and hair care purposes.

Nettle (Urtica dioica) is widely used in herbal treatments, celebrated for its rich nutritional content and multiple health benefits. For scalp care, nettle offers the following significant benefits:

  • Reduces Cortisol Levels: The bioactive compounds in nettle help regulate cortisol levels, alleviating scalp issues caused by stress.
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant: Nettle is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce scalp inflammation and protect scalp cells from free radical damage.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation: Nettle enhances blood circulation in the scalp, improving nutrient supply to hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Strengthens Hair Roots: Nettle's minerals and vitamins, such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin A, help strengthen hair roots, reduce hair loss, and increase hair strength and shine.

【How to Use】

1. Apply a Suitable Amount on Wet Hair

Thoroughly wet your hair and apply an appropriate amount of NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO to your palm.

2. Gently Massage and Evenly Apply

Evenly apply the shampoo to your scalp and hair, gently massaging for 3-5 minutes to promote blood circulation and soothe the scalp.

3. Rinse Thoroughly and Repeat

Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat as necessary to ensure your scalp and hair are completely clean.

【About Us】

NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO is developed by a professional hair care team dedicated to providing the highest quality scalp care products, helping every user regain health and confidence.


1. What type of scalp is NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO suitable for?

NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO is suitable for all types of scalps, especially those with high stress and elevated cortisol levels.

2. How long will it take to see results?

Most users will notice significant improvements in their scalp and hair within 2-4 weeks of use.

3. Can it be used daily?

NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO is gentle and non-irritating, suitable for daily use as needed.

【Additional Information】

  • Ingredients: NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO contains nettle extract, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil, carefully selected for their nourishing and therapeutic properties.
  • Benefits of Nettle: Beyond its role in reducing cortisol and promoting scalp health, nettle is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in scalp irritation relief and maintaining hair vitality.
  • Customer Testimonials: Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the revitalizing benefits of NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO firsthand.
  • Contact Us: Have questions or feedback? Reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

Hair Type: All Hair Types
Formulation: Shampoo
Suitable for: Men and Women


【Purchase Now】

Transform your hair care routine with NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO and discover the natural, effective way to healthier, stronger hair. Experience the ancient wisdom of nettle and modern hair care innovation today.

【About Our Company】

NETTLE HERB SHAMPOO is part of our commitment to delivering premium scalp care products designed to restore and enhance hair health. Developed with passion and backed by science, we prioritize quality and efficacy in every bottle.

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