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Horse Oil Cream - Relieve eczema, remove scars, dry skin

Horse Oil Cream - Relieve eczema, remove scars, dry skin

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😀Effective Relief: Soothes eczema, ringworm, and inflammation with Vitamin E and linoleic acid.

🌿Scar Reduction: Repairs and lightens scars and stretch marks for smoother skin.

❤️Deep Hydration: Prevents dryness with natural lipids, keeping skin moisturized.

🌸Natural Ingredients: Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural elements for skin health.

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Horse Oil Cream - Relieve eczema, remove scars, dry skin

Horse Oil Cream - Relieve eczema, remove scars, dry skin

Regular price $24.99
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $59.80
SAVE 58% Sold out


Why Do We Often Overlook Daily Skin Care?

In the US, over 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer daily, and more than two die hourly. Most overlook skin issues like eczema, inflammation, scars, and cracks. While horse oil cream, a craze in Asia, remains unknown to many, its rich Vitamin E and linoleic acid can slow melanin deposition, restoring skin radiance with daily care.

Are these skin problems affecting your life?


1、Relieves Eczema, Ringworm, and Skin Inflammation

Rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid, horse oil has strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, effectively alleviating eczema, ringworm, and skin inflammation.

2、Reduces Scars and Stretch Marks

The high penetration and nutrient-rich composition of horse oil, including Vitamin E, effectively repair and lighten scars and stretch marks, making the skin smoother and more even.

3、Deep Moisturization and Prevention of Cracking

The natural lipids in horse oil, similar to human subcutaneous fat, ensure quick absorption and deep hydration, effectively preventing dry skin and cracked heels.

Why choose horse oil cream?

Research shows Horse oil contains over 24% linoleic acid,such as omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-6 linoleic acid (LA). , making it a natural alternative to chemically-laden creams. Its composition closely resembles human skin oils, ensuring easy absorption without greasiness.


Kawashima Professor Emeritus

Shin Kawashima, a respected name in dermatology, serves as Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Women's Medical University. His expertise and contributions have earned him global recognition.

"Linoleic acid is crucial for skin health. Its natural antioxidant properties help protect the skin from free radical damage, keeping it youthful and healthy."

Daily maintenance is paramount, and horse oil cream is the best choice.



🐴Horse OilRich in over 60% unsaturated fatty acids, including more than 24% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also abundant in Vitamin E (VE) and a certain amount of Vitamin A (VA)

🌿Glycerin:moisturizes, softens skin, strengthens skin barrier, soothes discomfort, improves appearance; a multifunctional ingredient for healthy, smooth skin.

🍃Mint:Mint soothes, cools, and refreshes skin with its natural cooling properties, while also offering antibacterial benefits, oil control, and a refreshing aroma.

💧AllantoinAllantoin promotes skin healing, softens and soothes, reduces irritation, and stimulates cell regeneration. It's a powerful ingredient for repairing and maintaining healthy skin.

    Comparison before and after use

    Before, eczema made my life a constant battle with red, itchy skin that often flared up unpredictably. Simple tasks like wearing certain fabrics or using regular skincare products became triggers for painful rashes and inflammation. It was not only uncomfortable but also affected my confidence and daily routines.

    Since I started using horse oil cream, my skin has undergone a remarkable transformation. The redness and itchiness have significantly reduced, and the flare-ups are now rare occurrences. I no longer worry about the fabrics I wear or the products I use, as my skin feels calm, moisturized, and healthy. Horse oil cream has truly been a game-changer for me, restoring my skin's health and my peace of mind.

    Before, high heels caused severe foot cracks and unbearable pain. Since using horse oil cream, my heels no longer crack, and the pain has subsided, leaving me pleasantly satisfied.

    Before, there were many wrinkles on my neck, and people often commented on them. But since using it, the wrinkles have noticeably reduced, making me feel much younger and more confident.


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